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The True Texan Box- 20 lb Variety Box

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We are all about family, yours and ours. This variety box includes a generous portion of everything. You can truly treat everyone in your family to a steak with the True Texan Box!

Getting this box opens you up for cuts like: Brisket or Dino Ribs that are just too big to put into our smaller "Family Man" Box. 

This is for the true meat eater family.

PLUS it will still fit in your kitchen freezer! Though you might want to make a little room for it. 

Our 20 lb Variety Box 

- 8 lb of Premium Ground Beef 

- 7 lb Slow Cook Cuts 

- 5 lb of Steaks

Family Dinner Prep Note: This will feed a family of 4 for about 15 meals.