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The Family Man Box- 10 lb Variety Box

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We are all about family, yours and ours. That's why we made up a box specifically to bring your family over the dinner table.

Sometimes mom just needs to throw a roast in the slow cooker. Dad just wants to grill up a couple steaks this weekend, and the kids have really been craving spaghetti. 

That's why we made our Family Man Variety Box. It contains everything you need to make sure your family is stocked with the best meat your family can buy.

Our 10 lb Family Man Box 

- 4 lb of Premium Ground Beef 

- 3.5 lb Slow Cook Cuts 

- 2.5 lb of Steaks

Family Dinner Prep Note: This will feed a family of 4 for about 7 meals. 


Delicious and Nutritious High Quality Beef

Vacuum sealed to lock in freshness and prevent freezer burn. 

- Literally the healthiest beef you can feed your family. No additives, hormones, or greasy taste.

- A variety of cuts that will please even the pickiest eaters. 

- 14 dry aged and packaged for tenderness. 

- The relationship with us...the rancher. Your meat is always locally sourced and humanely raised


 “Love It Or Leave It” Money Back Guarantee

Here’s how it works: Our grass-fed beef has some serious health benefits, taste benefits, and environmental benefits. But, we acknowledge that not everyone places a high value on their health, eating pleasure, and regenerating healthy soil like our long-time customers and friends do. If after you’ve tasted our mouth-watering, delicious, 100% grass-fed beef you’re not completely satisfied with our beef, simply let us know and we’ll refund your purchase in full, no hassles, and we can part as friends. This is our unconditional money-back guarantee.

  • Much better than expected! It was tender and had a mouth watering flavor. As soon as we finished the first batch...we ordered more. 

    Mitch H. - Houston

  • Your hamburger meat was absolutely amazing! We will be buying from Mesquite Acres regularly now. 

    Robert L. - San Antonio

  • The Filet Mignon was absolutely perfect! It really hit the spot. We highly recommend Mesquite Acres to everyone we know. 

    Aaron R. -San Antonio

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “Finish” in Grass Fed & Finished mean?

The finishing process is how the cow is brought up to its final weight. In the feedlots this is done through grain and hormones over a few weeks to almost double the cow in size. In grass fed & finished this is done only over pasture. If it doesn’t say grass Fed AND Finished it may have still gone through the feedlot process!

What is the fat content of your ground beef? Like what percentage?

The fat can actually change based on the individual cow, but generally our cows come in at around an 85/15 mix. Enough fat to make them juicy and easy to cook, but you shouldn’t have to worry about draining the meat or a greasy flavor.

Does your ground beef come in a big roll? How big are the packages?

All of our Premium Ground Beef and burger patties comes in 1 lb packages. Each steak package has 2 steaks, because no one wants to eat alone!

Why are some of your cuts smaller than what I see at the grocery store?

In feedlot cattle they use grain to get the animal as large and as they can as fast as they can. Grass fed takes much longer, and may not get to the massive size of feedlot cattle because they have a better diet. Hence, smaller cuts, but better quality!

Why is there less fat on the cuts?

Fat is the true difference of grass fed & finished! How the fat forms on the animal leads to all the nutritional differences seen in feedlot vs grain fed. The cuts will have less fat, but will pack more flavor and nutrition.

Is your meat tough?

Absolutely not! I’m not even sure where that myth comes from. We personally use the same grass fed beef we give you for our family! The only time I have had a tough cut is when I failed to prepare it correctly.

Do you have to prepare Grass Fed Beef any differently?

Not really. For any slow cook cut or ground beef it is the exact same process. For steaks I do use a little high heat oil like Avacado oil to marinate or coat the stakes with. But everyone that has had a blind taste test with our steaks prefers us to store bought. Hands down!

What, exactly, is the difference in nutrition?

Gosh, could I geek out here! The short answer: The fats are much better for us providing a strong Omega 3 v. Omega 6 balance which our normal American diet truly needs. Also, it has many more vitamins like A,K,E along with a higher concentration of electrolytes.

Where are you located?

We are in McMullen County TX. That is about 1.5 hours south of San Antonio TX.

 Do you do special orders if I want a specific cut or buy by the pound?

Unfortunately we do not sell specific cuts by the pound. Part of our vision is to honor the whole animal. That is just hard to do when you sell by the pound. That said, if you order Bulk Beef ¼ cow or more, we can talk with you about specific cuts you would like.

What grade is your meat?

Our meat is ungraded and let me tell you why. The USDA grading system is based solely on how much fat the meat has. This is the ONLY thing that differs between prime and choice cuts. We prefer to take a more holistic approach by taking in taste nutrition and fat content.

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