Step 1:

Decide the quantity your family needs. We have 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and Whole beef avaliable.

Our product pages have great charts that give relevant information for this question.

Step 2:

Make The Initial Deposit on our Shopify Website Under Bulk Beef. All our display prices are initial deposits ONLY!!

Step 3:

Wait for nature, the cow, and the butcher to do their magic. Great beef takes awhile to produce. Your patience is actually what is keeping you in pace with the natural rythms of life.

Step 4:

Pay the final invoice. We send you a final price once we recieve the beef and we know EXACTLY how much beef you will take home.

Step 5:

It will arrive on your doorstep. Just sit back and enjoy as fresh beef beef arrives right on your doorstep. Get those recipes ready!

Still Have Questions??

Why Do you do deposits?

Your deposit does 2 things. First, it allows us to plan our herd so we know how many cattle to raise. Second, this gives us some capital to raise the cattle, and pay the butcher.

How big is the final invoice?

Your deposit and your final invoice are designed to be about 50% each of the total purchase price. Working the system this way makes sure you are only paying for what you actually take home!

Take home weight vs. hanging weight.

You may notice other ranchers advertise a much lower price per lb. This is because they are going off a "hanging weight" which is the carcass weight of the cow after the head, hide, and guts are removed.

Then you have an odd percentage taken off from the meat you get. Anywhere from 25% to 40% This system is really only easiest for the rancher.

We take all the guess work out and ONLY charge you for what you take home. Thus "take home weight." This equates to a higher per lb price, but we feel like it is more honest and easier to understand.

When can I expect my beef?

After deposits it can take up to 3 months for the finishing process to happen. Then the beef spends another month at the butcher because we engage in dry aging to get your beef as tender as possible.

For the 2022 deposits your beef will arrive in the first 2 weeks of April 2023!

How much beef do I really need?

That's a great question! All of our product pages come with information on that. They also answer freezer space questions, and exactly what you get in each package.

How much freezer space will I need?

That's a great question! Some of our pacakges you can put in your kitchen freezer. Others will need a deep freezer.

All of our product pages come with detailed information on that. They also answer beef quantity questions, and exactly what you get in each package.

What all comes in these packages?

In bulk beef we send you EVERYTHING we get!

This means beef bones, odd & ends cuts, and beef heart & liver. Nose to tail you get all of it.

Of course, you also get a great selection of steaks and roasts as well.

Our product pages go into detailed specific. Check out this one for our 1/4 cow.

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