About Us



Our Beginnings

This history of Mesquite Acres was grown out of a small, family ranch deep in the heart of South Texas. Our property has been in the family since 1947 when my great grandfather moved from Corpus Christi to settle here. 

By the time we got hold of the property family cattle hadn't been on the place, and invasive species had all but taken over. Our goal has been to slowly bring the place back to life through regenerative practices. 

Ranching Partnerships

A big part of this journey is making a large splash in the ranching community around us. Many ranchers do 90% of the work to make their cattle grass fed. Then they send them off to be finished in feedlots.

We focused on forming partnerships where we source our beef from other local ranchers after inspecting their practices and working together to build a system that provides clean grass fed & finished beef. 

One day, we hope to provide our own beef, but partnerships will always be part of our philosophy because we believe a rising tide should raise all ships!